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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Product Find! and a breakfast idea using it...

Even before the new points plus plan launched in November, I had been on the lookout for a good tasting, great textured flour tortilla for as few points as possible. search finally ended when I found OLE Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb tortilla wraps! Made by the same company that makes the LaBanderita wraps, which are tasty and I have loved for years.   The Xtreme Wellness wraps are soft and do not have that rubbery texture some low carb wraps have ( sorry tortilla factory!)

Yesterday, I made a wrap for lunch.  I took the last of the festive feta dip and spread it onto a wrap.  Topped it with 2 oz. lean roast beef, red onion, and arugula.  Delicious. Sorry, no pics!  I was starving after I came home from my walk and didn't think to snap a pic!  I had an apple (0 p+) along side it, and was full all the way until dinner! 

But today, for breakfast I made another wrap, and was able to get a photo!

This was a delicious breakfast wrap.   It is an Ole xtreme wellness wrap with one wedge of laughing cow light queso fresco & chipotle flavored cheese spread  on top, followed by 1/2 cup eggbeaters (1p+) , 2 TBS. salsa (0 p+), and a handful of baby spinach (0 p+).  Served with an orange (0 p+).

If you see this product at your store, I encourage you to try it, and if you don't, email your grocer and ask them to carry it!  :)

*Note, although I still think this wrap tastes great, there is some controversy over the label nutrition stats...and to be on the safe side, count this wrap as 2 point+ when using it.


  1. Great find!! I hope I can find these by me :)

  2. wraps are one of my favorite ways to make a sandwich!! these look yummy! What are the ingredients like?

  3. here is a link that will get you the ingredient list as well as the nut info! :)

  4. Wow Really? I'm going to have to see if those are in my area! Thanks!

  5. Wow! 1 point only??? I wish we had these up here in Canada!!! Wraps really are good, so versatile, thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  6. What an awesome find! I will definitely be on the search for these! Thanks for sharing.


    ps when I was in college one of my friends got me the hello kitty toaster. It's amazing! If you daughter doesn't have it yet she definitely needs the Hello Kitty Waffle maker. I had it in my dorm and everyone went nuts over it. Even the guys would get a kick out of it and bring over ingredients to make waffles!

  7. Great find! How was the ingredient label? Some of those tortillas are ick, you're right...others are good :) Have a fabulous NYE!!

  8. My FIL is on weight watchers. I will totally be passing this along to him!

  9. I found these in my local grocery store and had one for breakfast this morning. They were very good, tasty and filling! I had mine with Eggbeaters, Laughing Cow wedge and green onion.

    What I like the best is that they don't fall apart or tear like low fat tortillas do, or at least the ones that I have bought before.

    Good find and awesome blog!

  10. that sound delish Julie! glad you liked them! :)


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