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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great Product Find! BetterOats-Abundance Mulitgrain Hot Cereal w/Flax and a Seasonal 0p+ Mix-in!


Recently, I have discovered a great instant hot cereal that I would like to share with you.  Let me start off by saying, I have never been a fan of instant oatmeal, despite it's convenience.   To me, it is nothing but a gross, wet pile of mush...and certainly NOT worth the points plus it cost to eat it.  I like steel cut oatmeal and old fashioned oatmeal just fine, probably because I like the "bite" those products give you...but let's face it, neither of them are convenient enough to take with you on the go.  Insert BetterOats...a better alternative to instant oatmeal.  I particularly like the Abundance Multigrain Hot Cereal w/Flax in the Maple and Brown Sugar Flavor.  No, BetterOats did not contact me to review this product or give me any free product ( although, I wouldn't object if they did), I just felt that it was an awesome enough product to let you know all about it.

There are so many reasons to love this instant oatmeal.  First is very convenient!  Each box comes with 5 pouches that double as a measure for cool is that?  

The package tells you where to tear and where to fill the water up to!

So easy!  Once you have enough water, you dump it over the cereal in the micro-safe bowl you intend to use and throw away the package.  This is genius, as it saves having to dig out measuring cups or even worse, just guesstimating the amount of water needed.  This makes it ideal for travel where you have access to a microwave!  I have found that most hotels today give you access to one. 

Two minutes is all you need to make great tasting instant hot cereal with the bite of longer cooking old fashioned oats!  

The second reason I love this product is the simple, healthy ingredients and the sound nutrition packed in every pouch. 

As you can see, the box speaks for itself.  Each serving works out to 4 points+.  

The last reason I love this product is the taste.  The 6 whole grains work so well together.  The real fruit pieces are small, so as not to overpower your palate and the maple sweetness is just enough.  Not too sweet at all.  The only way to make this cereal even better is to add....pumpkin!  Yes, I know HG has been singing the praises of oatmeal + pumpkin for some time now, but I hadn't tried it out until I discovered this product.  Adding a 1/2 cup of pure pumpkin puree is 0 points+ and makes your cereal super creamy!  I love the perfect amount of sweetness the cereal has mixed with pumpkin.  To top it off, I splash a bit of FF half and half on it!  It is a wonderful way to start my day!  


I have tried a few other varieties of this product, but I do like the Abundance Maple and Brown Sugar the best.  I don't eat hot cereal very much, but have been finding myself eating it more often since discovering this product and the cooler weather starting to roll in.  How about you?  Are you a fan of instant hot cereal?  Have you ever tried BetterOats brand?  

I leave you with this really funny cartoon I found circulating on facebook today....


  1. Wow! It's rare to find something so low in sodium. Sounds simple, and I love simple :)

  2. Love the idea that you could use the package to measure the water!

    I do love oatmeal, but I use Quaker Instant oats and use a touch less water because I like a thicker oatmeal.

    Maybe when I am off Paleo I'll look for those!

  3. Hi Renee, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this next time I'm over the border. Have a good Tuesday.

  4. I LOVE Better Oats Oatmeal! I found it about 6 months ago at a Big Lots, and then started seeing it on supermarket shelves - it is yummy, filling and cheap! Cna;t wait to try it with the pumpkin now!

  5. YES! is cheap! I love that you love this product too!

  6. I love warm oatmeal. I'm pretty sure I've never seen that brand here, but that is a really neat idea. I hate fumbling around for measuring cups and spoons.



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