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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Out of the Kitchen 10/17/13

All things Fall.  Before you know it, old man winter will be rearing his ugly head.  (In fact, there is snow in our forecast for next week!!  YIKES!)  So let's take a moment to enjoy fall, shall we? 


I just love them...and I especially love Honeycrisp Apples...

This past week I picked up some gorgeous HUGE Honeycrisp apples.  Look at how big these suckers are!  I have pretty much come to the conclusion, a better apple variety to "eat out of hand" simply does not exist.  There really is no better time of year to enjoy fresh apples than now!

Next up...Fall Candles.

OMG.  This new fall candle scent from Bath & Body Works is wonderful.  I can't explain the scent to you, but it is definitely fall in a jar!  I keep this one in my foyer and burn it almost daily. 

What would fall be without the annoying acorns and hickory nuts ALL OVER MY BACK YARD??  These hickory nuts keep the squirrels happy, but they leave a terrible mess when they crack them open...and can you imagine getting hit in the head by ones of these things falling off the trees?? And forget about walking through the backyard with bare feet!!

and leaves....let's not forget the never ending job of leaf clean up!  (Our property is a "wooded lot")  Hickory, Maple, Oak...

We are definitely going to have to make time to put all the patio furniture away until next year soon...:(   Good-bye to my favorite place to get food photos in natural light...you will be missed!

Fall time allows for some pretty weird fungus to appear in my backyard.  This is the strangest mushroom I have seen growing yet!

Although this is not fall related, I have been super addicted to listening to this station on Pandora radio!

I just LOVE Pandora!  I love that I can put on any station to listen to music that I am in the mood for in any particular moment.  What's your favorite Pandora station? 

And lastly, this past week, the Target I frequent finally opened up their Fresh Foods area.  They also greatly expanded the packaged food area of the store as well.  I found this new product and gave it a try on Monday.

Have you seen it at your store?  I often have problems getting a good breakfast in so I look for products like this.  It cost me about $4.  Read the list of ingredients...wine?  Um wine for breakfast...sure...I'm up for that!  As you can see, the meal cooks in a pouch.  It was quite tasty and full of huge chunks of fruit.  I'd buy it again, but probably wait until it went on sale.  And no, I could not taste the wine!  lol

That's all I've got for this week.  Hope everyone takes a few moments to enjoy what is left of fall in your area!


  1. Snow??!! ohhh nooo. I love bath and body works candles. Leaves is my favorite.

    1. I know right? I almost hate typing the word...lol I like the leaves scent too!

  2. I'm ready for Fall weather (it's still hitting almost 80 here), but definitely not snow! That oatmeal sounds amazing!

    1. My daughter just arrived in Raleigh this morning, so she's going to be happy about the 80s! But yes, cool crisp fall air is a nice change..I'd be happy if the seasons went from spring to summer to fall and back to spring again!

  3. Smelly candles drive my husband nuts, but I may have to sneak that one in! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Marshmallow fireside! I want that in my house! Gotta go check it out. And we never ever rake our leaves - we just consider them ground cover to protect from the upcoming snow...at least that's our excuse. But our trees don't have big leaves and they aren't obvious and get all mashed into the ground anyway. That oatmeal looks so good. How many pouches were in the pack? I've got steel cut oats and a recipe for overnight oats (where you start them the night before so that they only take a few minutes to cook in the morning) that I so need to get on b/c I never want to stand over the stove for half an hour to cook them-lol. Oh and it snowed here yesterday. Just for a bit and it didn't stick but yikes! That was fast.

  5. So many good things in this post Renee. I love your patio and feel your pain with the lack of good natural photos with the coming season. Sigh. My favorite candle scent lately is vanilla. I do love those honey crisp apples - Costco had organic ones today! I have been making four servings of steel cut oats at once and then put the extra in the fridge - it reheats pretty well!


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