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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Eating Without Worry!

Today, I'm taking a little break from bringing you delicious recipes, to talk about a subject that might be a little uncomfortable for some, but one I think most can relate to...overdoing it with holiday foods and indulgent treats leading to intestinal discomfort from gas and bloating! I know...not pretty. But it does happen and I've found a great solution to help with this problem!

Holiday Eating with Less Worry with Charcocaps®

The holidays. Full of cheer, parties and lots and lots of indulgent food! So many parties and so much food! Quite frankly, I tend to go overboard a bit this time of year (Who doesn't?) and it often leaves me feeling gassy and bloated...because I'm not used to eating so many of the traditional rich foods of the season! And then I get cranky, but I never seem to learn my lesson to just say no to all the holiday goodness that comes my way. Can anyone relate??

No worries with Charcocaps®

Thankfully, now I have found a solution for when my will power is low. Charcocaps® is a safe, unique, naturally-gentle dietary supplement that absorbs and eliminates intestinal gas and bloating through the use of an active ingredient called "activated charcoal." A teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of a football field due to its porous, adsorption properties! To help eliminate intestinal distress from gas and bloating, just take two capsules during or after eating high-gas producing foods or at the first sign of intestinal discomfort. You can repeat the dose after two hours, but do not exceed 16 capsules in one day. Charcocaps® have made my intestinal upset from gas and bloating a thing of the past!

Believe it or not, during the holiday season, I totally go overboard on a food choice that is relatively healthy, but full of the kind of fiber that can produce a lot of intestinal gas: The veggie and dip tray! No lie, I have been known to eat all the cucumbers, raw peppers, raw cauliflower and raw broccoli on the tray...leaving me feeling "not so good" afterward. This is when Charcocaps® come in handy! They really do help eliminate all that extra intestinal gas created from all those raw veggies!

The holiday eating express of intestinal disress
Sometimes I feel like the holiday season is a giant train full of intestinal distress! One event after another with all sorts of goodies to indulge in. If you feel like you are onboard the "Holiday Eating Express" this year, make sure you stop by your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or other major U.S. retailers for a 36-count blister pack or 100-count bottle of Charcocaps® to make that journey a little more comfortable!

Visit the Charocaps® for quick tips on how to avoid gas and bloat during your holiday festivities and to enter to win one of five weekly $250 Walmart for holiday groceries and entertaining essentials!

What holiday foods would you eat freely without the worry of gas and bloating with the help of Charcocaps®?

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a box of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula and a $10 Walmart gift card for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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