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Thursday, January 6, 2011

WW Dark Chocolate Cake

I want to give a shot out to a wonderful WW support group I joined a few weeks ago...it's new...and started up by Danica of Danica's Daily and it's called Friends for Weight Loss.  It is a wonderful support group full of great information, and it's free!  Consider joining it!   Danica posted a link to the new FREE Points Plus Power Foods Favorites Down-loadable Cookbook!  ( click to download your very own copy!) on this site and as I quickly printed off my copy, I noticed, on the last page, is the very cake I made on Thursday afternoon!!! 

WW Dark Chocolate Cake ( click for the recipe) is featured in this handy little cookbook, and also on WW online featured recipes this week.  The thing about this cake that caught my eye was that it was made with SAUERKRAUT!  WHAT???  (yes, sauerkraut).  It really came out wonderful.  The recipe uses no eggs.  It was moist, with a deep rich chocolate flavor...and the best thing is...you can't even tell there is sauerkraut in it.  Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin C and adds a wonderful moistness to this cake. My house smelled divine as it baked!!!  Don't be afraid...try it...I guarantee you will love it!

warm from the oven.  Let it cool in the bundt pan for 10 min or so before inverting it onto a serving platter.

I dusted the cake with powdered sugar once it was cooled.  The cake serves 14 and each slice is 6 points+.

combine all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl with whisk

My mini food processor made fast work pureeing the sauerkraut.  Be sure to add a TBS or two of water when you puree. Looks a bit like applesauce when it's done. 

My 13 year old sons slice....with a dollop of ff Greek yogurt that has been sweetened with a bit of brown sugar!  He loved it! and he couldn't guess the secret ingredient!


  1. Sure looks interesting, must try it. Thanks for the links.

  2. This cake sounds very different and looks yummy too.I bet the sauerkraut did make it very moist!

  3. Saurekraut? Cool!! This is a must try!!! Thanks for sharing and I agree, Danica's site is great!

  4. No way! That is a crazy add in!! Glad it turned out well though. It looks super fudgey

  5. Bet it adds fiber too, since s-kraut is cabbage. Pretty wild. I still do the can of pumpkin in a choc cake mix trick, but I will put this on my list to try.

  6. @ Otto....better than the pumpkin in the chocolate cake mix and really, almost as easy! But you will have leftover sauerkraut once you open the jar or can....I think some turkey rubens are in store for lunch today! haha The best part of this cake, is the look on ppl's faces when you tell them what's inside! PRICELESS!! lol

  7. I saw that cake! Looks interesting indeed! :) Now I need to dig out a bunt pan....hummm....lol :)

  8. I was "scared" of the saurkraut, but, now I am intrigued LOL. Thanks for testing it out and letting us know it's GOOD!

    Thanks for the nice comments and shout out too!

    Happy Friday!


  9. OMG SO YUMMY! I have to try this ASAP! Thanks for sharing!


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