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Friday, March 11, 2011

Black Bean Quesadillas

Keeping my promise to bring more meatless dishes to MKA, I present to you....Black Bean Quesadillas.


Dress them up however you like, with salsa, avocado, lettuce, ff sour cream, tomato, or eat them plain!  They make a quick and delicious lunch or dinner.  If you don't care for cilantro, you can substitute flat leaf parsley, or just omit it all together.  If you don't like heat, leave out the jalapenos.

Black beans are a good source of fiber, protein and antioxidants.  You can reduce the amount of sodium found in canned beans by draining and rinsing them well before eating or using in recipes. 

I've included two sets of nutritional information, one for just the filling and another for the entire quesadilla using a 2 point+ tortilla ( Ole high fiber is what I based the stats on) because there are so many different kinds of tortillas with such a range of nutritional stats, that way you can calculate as accurate as possible.

Other great ideas for this filling is inside of an eggbeater omelette!  Can you say Ole?  wow...topped with some salsa...delicious, filling breakfast.  You can also make wonderful nachos with the filling....just top your favorite tortilla chips ( or make your own!  See how HERE)!   and melt in the microwave or under the broiler. Soooo good!

Black Bean Quesadillas

Servings - 4   Serving size - 1 tortilla with 1/2 cup filling   PP per serving - For filling alone= 4 points+    For filling plus one 2 point+ tortilla = 6 points+
Nutritional information for filling  ( per 1/2 cup):    Calories - 148.5,   Total Fat - 2.5g,   Carb. - 22.4g,   Protein - 13.3g,   Fiber 5.6g
Nutritional information for filling plus one 2 point+ tortilla:   Calories - 219.5,   Total Fat - 4.5g,   Carb. - 39.4g,   Protein - 21.3g,   Fiber - 17.6g

4 tortillas ( preferably ones that are 2 points+ each)
1 14-oz. can of black beans, rinsed and drained
4 oz. reduced fat Mexican blend shredded cheese ( such as WW brand) 
1/2 cup onion, diced
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
1/4 cup jarred jalapenos ( pickled ), chopped

1.  In small bowl, combine the beans, cheese, onion, cilantro and jalapenos. 

2. Spray large nonstick skillet with cooking spray, and heat on med heat.  Cook one quesadilla at a time by placing a tortilla on the warmed skillet.  Add 1/2 cup of the black bean mixture to one half of the tortilla.  Allow to heat for about 2 minutes, or until tortilla is soft and beginning to brown on the underside.  Fold the side with no filling onto the side with the filling and press down slightly.  Remove to plate and allow to sit for a few minutes before cutting into wedges.  Repeat with remaining tortillas and filling. 

I am not  a huge fan of beans..but I would have to say pinto, cannolini and black are probably my favorite.  I do love the convenience of canned beans though.  Are you a bean fan? 


  1. One of my favs! I love making dishes with black beans because I feel like my husband doesn't even miss the meat!

  2. I love edamame! Also black beans and garbanzo beans. I don't think there is a bean I don't like! :) These look yummy, quick, and easy to make. Thanks!

  3. Hi Renee. I LOVE beans but have never made quesadillas with them. But now I will. Have a great weekend!!!


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