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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Big Apple

This past weekend, I spent four days in the NYC area....and had the opportunity to visit some great places!  Top of the list was a must for any self-proclaimed foodie!...Chelsea Market...

Housed in the old National Biscuit Company ( now Nabisco) in Chelsea

Magnificent fresh seafood

self serve sushi and sashimi

People's Pops....handmade frozen pops in unique flavors

One of the several working bakeries housed in the market

Made famous by Oprah brownies....the smell was out of this world in this store!

Really cute....really pricey!

I am pretty sure when I die...this is what heaven will look like! lol

LOVE Sarabeth's

Yes, that is dark chocolate balsamic vinegar....and I brought some home!

This is just a very small sampling of what the Chelsea Market has to offer. While we shopped, I had a delicious plum-sour cherry frozen had bits of fruit in it and whole sour cherries!  I brought home some dark chocolate balsamic vinegar ( it was so hard to choose which flavor to buy!), two jams from Sarabeth's bakery...blood orange marmalade and raspberry lime, some silicon cups to make poached eggs in from Bowery kitchen supplies and a bag of brownie ends from the Fat Witch Bakery!  My sister-in-law couldn't resist having some fresh oysters from The Lobster Place....6 for around $6 and my son and nephew enjoyed some cookies from one of the bakeries.   I really enjoyed visiting this market ... but next time I will go with an empty stomach!  lol

We also visited an Asian Market ( H Mart)  in Jersey.  Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go to a good Asian Market, do so....soooo many interesting things to see and sample!

My son and brother having some fun with the teapots!  lol

We took my son and nephew to the American Museum of Natural History....I had been there in the past many years ago, but had forgotten how absolutely amazing the exhibits are there!   Here is a peek at just a few we enjoyed seeing...

We thought this turtle skeleton looked HAPPY!  lol 

and of course there was lots of good eats over the course of the weekend.....lots and lots of fabulous

My sister in law and I at Sarabeth's Upper west side for brunch

Greenwich Village

Cappuccino and dessert in the village at La laterna

Lavender and honey gelato

Ricotta Cheesecake

Jelly donuts from the Central Park farmers market....mmmmmmm

Today, it's back to reality, clean eating and cleaning the house and doing mountains of laundry... so tomorrow...I will be back to posting up some recipes to share!


  1. What a fabulous trip! Everything at the market looks AMAZING! brownie ends? LOVE! I am a huge end fan!! And that capuccino looks mightyly delicious as well. Good stuff!

  2. How fun! It looks like you had a great time! I love New York.

  3. Wow - that is a foodie's dream trip! I actually just went to an Oriental grocery store at lunch today - I've been dying to get spring roll wrappers (the clear ones) and googled "oriental grocery store" near my office and one popped up - 2.5 miles away! And they were cheap - like 30 in a package for $1.39!

  4. HI Renee. WOW....LOVE the photos! (especially the one of you!!) Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  5. Hi Renee, WOW...LOVE the photos. (especially the one of you!) Looks like you had a tremendous time in NYC!

  6. Oh how I would love shopping in Chelsea market! Great photos, Renee--thanks for helping me live vicariously through you! :)

  7. Great pictures. I love NYC. Thanks for sharing. Glad you guys had fun.

  8. What an amazing trip! Thanks so much for sharing it w/ us :D


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