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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sean's Kimbap ( Korean "Sushi" Rolls)

A few weeks ago, on a trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law, upon our arrival in the evening, my sister-in-law had a plate full of delicious Kimbap waiting for us. My sister-in-law is an incredible cook!   I am a huge fan of sushi, but I had never had Kimbap before.  It is basically just like sushi, but with the nori on the outside and the rice on the inside...which makes it so much easier to assemble.

I told my sister-in-law how much I enjoyed these, and she graciously offered to show me how to make them.  She said they were easy, and she was right.  She is a first generation American Korean...and she explained  that Kimbap is seasoned rice with an assortment of vegetables and some sort of protein ( cooked ) rolled up inside seaweed sheets.  It is basically Korean picnic food and is usually not eaten with any sort of dip or garnish.

When we got back, I set out to try my own hand at making these delicious rolls.  I was happy to find out the  sushinori was easy enough to find in my local grocery store along with the short grained sushi rice.  I always have toasted sesame oil, plain rice vinegar, and sesame seed on I was all set there.  I needed to decide on what meat/veg combo I wanted, and settled on a California roll type filling.  ( Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, and carrot).  I picked up a bamboo mat for rolling, but honestly, didn't really need it.  ( It worked great for pictures though....and it was only a dollar! )

I cooked up my rice, seasoned it, and then cut up the veggies and imitation crab into long strips.  I did decide to cook up the carrots for a few minutes in some boiling water to soften them up to the same crunch as the cucumber.  I seasoned the cucumber slices with a bit of rice vinegar and salt before assembling the rolls...but you don't have to do either steps if you don't want to.  My sister-in-law used some really delicious pickled radish in place of the cucumber that I didn't have access to.  Next time I go to visit and we go to the Asian Market, I will be picking some up to bring back home with me.

You probably will not use up all the cucumber and the carrot called for in the ingredient list in your rolls.  If you don't, just eat them as a side!  

My sister-in-law's Kimbap!  so much neater than mine!
If you are a California Roll fan...give these Kimbap a try!  My boys loved them!

Sean's Kimbap ( Korean "Sushi" Rolls) 
recipe from my sister-in-law, Sean!  

Servings - 3   Serving Size - one full roll, cut into 6 pcs   Points Plus per serving - 7 points+ w/avocado, 6 points+ wo/ avocado
Nutritional Information for roll w/ avocado - Calories - 279.9,   Total Fat - 5.1g,   Carb. - 48.9g,   Protein - 8.4g,   Fiber - 4.5g
Nutritional Information for roll without avocado - Calories - 248.8,   Total Fat - 2.9g,   Carb. - 47.6g,   Protein - 8.1g,   Fiber - 3.5g

3 sheets of Roasted Seaweed ( sushinori ) 
2 cups cooked white short grain, sushi rice, warm
1 tsp. toasted sesame oil
1/2 tsp. sugar 
3 TBS. plain rice vinegar
1 TBS. roasted white sesame seeds
3 pcs. of imitation crab meat, sliced into small logs
1 carrot, sliced into small logs
1 english cucumber, sliced into small logs
1/4 of an avocado, sliced into small strips
1 bamboo mat - for rolling ( optional ) 

1. Mix the warm rice with the sesame oil, sugar, rice vinegar and sesame seeds. 

2.  To assemble rolls, place one sheet of sushinori on bamboo mat, if using.  Spread 2/3 cup of rice on the sheet, leaving about a 1/2 inch toward the top without rice. 

3.  Place the meat and the veg at the end toward you, in a long strip across the sushi sheet.  

4.  Roll up jellyroll style away from you. ( you can use the bamboo mat to help you do this if you are using)  When you get to the end, you can wet the seaweed sheet to allow it to stick to itself. Squeeze the roll tight.   Cut into 6 equal slices and serve cut side up.  Repeat with remaining ingredients to make three rolls total. 


As I said, if you enjoy California rolls, you will like these....and they really are easy to make.  I am hoping with practice, one day, mine will look as good as Sean's!  lol 

Do you like sushi?  Have you ever made it at home?  

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  1. They look absolutely perfect! I haven't had sushi...mostly because I don't like fish or fishy tasting things, but I think I could give these a go!

  2. I do not like sushi, but my husband does. I am going to copy this recipe for him.

  3. OH yum. I am a HUGE sushi fan, and these look just as good as I get in any restaurant. I did attempt to make my own once, but it's not quite as easy as it looks and my rolls were ridiculously ENORMOUS. Hats off to your SIL!! Have a great day Renee!

  4. Oh boy, these look so great! It's been a long time since I've made homemade sushi, because last time we ate so much of it we made ourselves sick and haven't been able to face it again. I'm feeling the urge again. :)

  5. We make sushi all the time! It's also great for parties when you have people with dietary restrictions because you can roll one up that meets their specific needs.
    Yours are way prettier than mine, but I'll share the link anyway. :) Great job!

  6. @ they call me hypo...thanks for sharing that link! I love that you made them spicy combining mayo and sriracha!

  7. I've been wanting to make homemade sushi with my hubby, but it seemed way too intimidating. Thanks for the confidence boost :)

  8. they look great and tasty. im a 2ndgen korean.. kimbap is really awesome.

  9. I would like that, because I love the California rolls - we've made sushi a couple times at home, it is easy, so I'll have to put that on our menu!

  10. thanks for share.I like sushi and kimpap.i will try make it.

  11. i love sushi.Great recipe ! i will make sushi with this recipe.


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