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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini Quiches (1 Point+ each)

OMG...are these little hand held mini quiches good...and 1 Point+ each?  Are you kidding me? They even have a "crust"...and straight from the's crispy!  Ever since I bought wonton wrappers, I have been having a lot of fun finding uses for them.  I can see why Hungry Girl is in love with these things.

I had two for breakfast this morning with some mango on the side.  So good.  You can use any kind of filling additions you like.  ( the filling additions you choose may change pp values)  I used turkey bacon bits, baby spinach, roasted red peppers and reduced fat Swiss cheese.  Great combo!  But honestly, the possibilities are endless. 

I found these new ( well new to me anyway) turkey bacon bits at my store a few weeks ago.  This recipe was the perfect use for them.  You can't go wrong with 20 calories and 1.5g fat per tablespoon. 

These mini quiches make a great breakfast or brunch or a great lunch or fun light dinner when served with a side salad! Or how about for a snack?   Low in fat and calories but higher in protein.

Mini Quiches
from the kitchen of MKA

Servings - 8   Serving size - 1 mini quiche   Points Plus per serving - 1 Points+
Calories - 51.3,   Total Fat - 0.8g,   Carb. - 5.3g,   Protein - 5.3g,   Fiber - 0.3g

8 wonton wraps
1 cup eggbeaters
2 TBS. Oscar Mayer Turkey bacon bits
1/4 cup shredded, reduced fat Swiss cheese
1 cup fresh baby spinach, chopped
2 TBS. chopped roasted red peppers
salt and pepper, to taste
1/4 tsp. dry mustard powder

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.  Spray 8 wells of nonstick muffin tin liberally with cooking spray.  ( this will help the "crust" brown and get crispy.  Push a wonton wrapper into each prepared well, pressing it to the sides 

2.  In large bowl, combine the remaining ingredients.  Fill each wonton wrapper muffin tin with the egg mixture equally.  ( don't worry if some of the egg mixture goes above where the wrapper ends in the wells or seems to seep under)

3.  Bake for 15 - 20 minutes or until the egg is completely set and the bottoms are brown. ( the eggs will puff up in the oven then settle down once out)  Allow to cool in pan for 2 minutes before removing.  Serve warm.  


I used Swiss cheese in this quiche because Swiss is my favorite flavor of cheese with eggs.  I am anxious to play around with other ingredients and cheese flavors in the future.  I could definitely see making these for a brunch buffet, as they are so portable.  Love that you can just pick them up and eat them without a fork or plate!  The wonton wrapper really does mimic crust here in this recipe...and for only 51 calories each?  How cool is that?? 


  1. mmm! I agree- wonton wrappers rocks! I need to buy another little container of them. What a great breakfast

  2. You are my idol. :) These look so yummy!

  3. I love wonton wrappers - and my store routinely sells them for .99 cents a package - what's not to love?

  4. Woohoo! Lovin' it. And I have to find those turkey bacon bits-how cool!

  5. I have to find those bacon bits too! And smoke flavored? Yum!

  6. Those look fabulous! Do you think you could make them ahead and reheat?

    1. Yes! I made a whole batch when I was testing this recipe idea out and it was just I put the leftovers in the fridge and reheated them the next day in the microwave and they were fine. The crust wasn't cripsy, obviously, but the taste was still great. My son had one for a snack topped with salsa. It was yummy!

  7. I have about 8 million egg roll/wonton wrappers in my fridge and freezer. Thanks for giving me another use for them!

  8. These would be fantastic for kids breakfast on school days especially if they can be made ahead and frozen or refrigerated. great idea!!!!

  9. Is this in a regular muffin pan or mini muffin pan?


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