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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day in the Life...

It's been kind of slow here in the kitchen this week.  I've made a few things with high hopes of sharing that just sort of turned out floppy.

That's life...and sometimes that happens.
I originally wrote this post as a guest post for my blogger friend Danica, of Danica's Daily a while ago, but started to think about all MY own readers who may have missed it and might enjoy reading it....so I give to you a "Day in the Life"...


When Danica sent me an email, asking if I could do a guest post for her...I was...well...really honored!  My next thought was..."what on earth will I write about?"  My blog is pretty much a cut and dry recipe/ ecookbook kind of deal.  That just didn't seem to fit into the format she uses, and I thought it might just be too boring for you to read.  So I decided I would do a "daily" post...just like she does.  Let me tell you....wayyyyy more work than posting about one stinking recipe!  lol  So hats off to all of you beautiful bloggers that invite us into your daily lives ( and take pictures of everything that happens) !

Let me start off by introducing myself.  My name is Renee, and I have a blog called MyKitchenAdventures.  I have been a WW member now for over a year.  I have not reached my goal yet, but I have lost over 25 pounds and have the key chain and the charm to prove it!  I have had a few set backs with surgery and other life changing events...but I have never thrown in the towel.  I am on no particular time table.  I feel slow and steady is what wins the race.  I enjoy cooking and baking and finding and creating low calorie, healthier foods that TASTE GOOD!  I believe food that is good for you, should also taste good...it should stimulate your senses, and leave you feeling satisfied; not only in your body, but also in your soul.  Living the WW way of life is a lifestyle choice and one that I am proud to say I have made for the rest of my life!

And now on to a day in the life of a 40-something WW.....

My day started with a cup of coffee.....nothing fancy...in one of my favorite mugs.  Yes, I AM a proud mom of a Kent State University student!  :)    I take it with just 2 TBS of fat free half and half.  And yes, I still measure it out!


I made myself a nice, filling breakfast and used this "new to me" fully cooked turkey bacon I found at the store last week in my eggbeater scramble.  I needed good fuel, because I had promised to take my boys school shopping at the mall.  We also had a trip to Costco planned for new eyeglasses for them both AND contact refills.  Yup, if I was going to give the old wallet a good workout and I needed some serious fuel!  :) 

The turkey bacon was good.  Crisped up nice...and you got 2 slices for 1 point+!  Woo hoo.  Still, the slices were small and not as good as the rockin' peppered turkey bacon at TJ's.  Just sayin!

This yummy breakfast came in at 5 points+!  I had 1/2 cup eggbeaters mixed with the turkey bacon and topped with chives ( 2 points+), 1 slice of multigrain Nickels Light bread ( 1 point+), spread with 1 TBS whipped butter and 1 tsp. orange marmalade ( 2 points+), and assorted cut up fruit ( 0 points+).

Next it was on to the mall.  Because I didn't get a chance to exercise...I decided that I needed to do a few laps around the mall ( our mall is a huge 2 story deal) and Costco to get some activity points for the day.   Fit the activity in where ever you can I always say.

Youngest son got some fancy new kicks....( size 12....geesh!)

And they both made out with the BOGO sale on the jeans!  Next it was time for LUNCH! 

Lunch was at Panera.  I had the pick two... 1/2 Strawberry Poppyseed Salad ( 4 points+) and the "new" Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup.  The soup was very good.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any information to calculate the soups PP values...so I just went with what the chicken noodle soup was.  ( 3 points+)  I had plain iced tea to drink ( I don't use any sweeteners) and didn't eat the bread that came with the meal.  So lunch came in at 7 points+

With all of our shopping done at the mall, and after I did those laps I promised myself I would do, it was off to Costco. The question was...to sample or not to sample??  Personally, there is part of me that feels samples at Costco should count as zero points+....haha...but I know better! 

We ordered the eye stuff and then filled up our cart with some goodies.  And yes, I sampled a few things.  I am calling the sampling 3 points+.  I love that this HUGE container of organic baby spinach is only $3.00 at Costco!  It was running late and I still needed to take care of dinner when we got home.  I decided to try these for dinner...

I normally don't do too many processed foods, but there are times when even choosing a processed food that is on the healthy side is better than some other options.  These chicken burgers had me a gouda cheese anyway!  lol 

Each generously sized, fully cooked chicken burger is only 4 points+!   and I love the simple ingredients! 

I was hungry when I got home...so I snacked on some shrimp and sauce while I prepared dinner ( 4 points+)

Dinner came together quickly.  We had the burgers with fixin's and while the boys had their burgers on buns, I chose to have mine on a bed of lettuce to save on points+.  ( Costco also has the BEST shrimp cocktail platter!)

I also topped the burger with some tzatzki I bought from Costco ( 2 points+ for 2 TBS)  and a few slices of avocado ( 3 points+) making this entire meal with the grilled zucchini come in at 9 points+

And that was my day.  I relaxed in the evening with my kids and hubby and dog and cat and had a WW string cheese for a snack later on....thus bringing my grand total for the day to 29 points+.  I will admit, some days are harder than other to hit that magical number...that is for sure!  

I hope you enjoyed "seeing" into my day and if you see those chicken burgers, pick them up...they are awesome!  

How about you?  Have you discovered any healthier convenience foods lately? 


  1. It's always fun seeing "A day in the life.." of fellow bloggers. This was an informative and entertaining post. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and publishing this. Wonderful!

    Each meal looks so delicious. Congratulations on losing the weight.

  2. I loved seeing this! I have to look for those chicken burgers, they look really good! I looove Costco, I could do so many laps there! lol!

    1. the burgers are really good! I hope you can find them...it's been awhile since I've made a costco trip, so I hope they are still selling them!

  3. Over 25 pounds lost? You go girl!!!! Can I ask what your average weight loss is? Just curious. Sometimes I think I'll never get where I'm going. :)
    I LOVE that WW smoked string cheese and their dulce de leche ice cream bars are wonderful as well. For snacks, I'm pretty much hooked on Dannon's vanilla Greek yogurt and grapes. I use the yogurt as a dip for the grapes and then I don't use as much yogurt. :) Thanks for the peek into your life!

    1. Honestly, I try to just take it day by day...not sure that I will ever meet my ultimate goal either, but I know that as long as I continue to fight the fight, I am better off than not doing anything at all...and that in itself is victory as far as I concerned. Some days are great, some not so much...but that's how life goes. I will never stop working toward my goal though, even if I never get there.

      I love the smoked cheese snacks as well! In fact, I am going to work on a recipe that involves them today...fingers crossed it comes out blog worthy. I love the idea of dipping grapes into vanilla greek yogurt!

  4. I love the "Day in the Life" post!! Looked like a busy and successful day! I am a WW lifetime member and still post on the message boards daily as about 40 of us women love to chat about our days and what we're eating. I think it really helps keep you accountable and the sense of community and family that's created is wonderful. If you're an online member, check it out under the "What I Ate Today" message boards! Also, feel free to visit my blog! http://ilanaspiece.weebly.com

    1. thanks for the invite! I will check it out when I get a chance! :)

  5. Fun post! I love those kind of blogs but could never do it myself. Those chicken burgers sound amazing!


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