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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easy White Chocolate Berry Dessert

This summer has been a HOT one for just about everyone I think! So hot you hate to turn the oven on...at least I know I do.   Why not give this easy NO BAKE dessert a try?  Layers of angel food cake, white chocolate pudding, and summer fresh berries sprinkled white chocolate make it irresistible.  It's actually a little twist on the Easy Butterfinger Dessert I posted awhile back...and it was a hit at a BBQ I took it to last month. 

It really makes an easy throw together dessert, that is company worthy.

And the best part?  You can enjoy it without all the guilt!

Easy White Chocolate Berry Dessert
MKA original recipe

Servings - 16   Serving Size- 1/16th of recipe   Points Plus per Serving - 5 Points+
Calories - 188.4,   Total Fat - 1.8g,   Carb. - 38.7g,   Protein - 3.4g,   Fiber - 0.8g

1 ( 10" diameter) prepared angel food cake, cut into 1" cubes
1 (1oz.) pkg White chocolate flavored, sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix
1 1/2 cups skim milk
2 ( 8oz) containers of Cool Whip Free, thawed
2 cups of mixed berries ( such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries)
1/2 cup white chocolate chips

1.  To make the chips into smaller pieces, place in food processor and whiz with the blade for 30 seconds or so, until they resemble crumbs.  This will allow them to cover more area and are a little nicer on the palate when eating.  Set aside.  

2.  In a 13 x 9" glass dish, spray with cooking spray.  Arrange half the angel food cake cubes in bottom of dish.  

3. In large bowl, combine the pudding mix with the milk.  Whisk until it starts to get thick.  Fold in both containers of Cool Whip Free.  

4.  Spread half of the pudding mix over the cubes in the pan.  Top with 1 cup of fresh berries and sprinkle with half the white chocolate crumbs.  Repeat layers.  Cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit in fridge for about 1/2 an hour before serving. 


For a little extra pizzaz, marinate your berries in a little Grand Marnier before placing them into the dessert!  Wow!  ( Nutrition information above does not reflect the addition of Grand Marnier, and I may have done this with my dish!  :) 

As I mentioned above, this was a HUGE hit at the BBQ I took it to.  Everyone wanted to know how to make it.  So easy!  

I still have a lot of stuff going on in my life, but I am going to try really hard to get back into the swing of things with this blog.  She has been neglected for most of the summer, I know.  What can you do? 

Honestly, I am never happy about the end of summer.  I am they type of person who could do summer year round without a problem.  I do appreciate the fall season though....just never quite thrilled with what comes after it.  Personally, I am hoping for another gift of a warm winter with little snow again.  Can we get a repeat of last winter please?  haha

I also wanted to give a quick shout out of HUGE congrats to my friend Nicole over at PreventionRD who is in the midst of getting together her first cookbook!!!!  She so deserves this honor.   Congrats Nicole!!!  

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  1. Hi Renee!!!! Hope you are keeping well during this busy time!!!! Fabulous looking summer recipe, thanks so much! Take care!!!

  2. I love when simple dishes are company worthy! And I too am so happy for Nicole - she works so hard at her day job, I have no idea how she gets everything done!

    We went to the same high school, although, ahem, I graduated about 15 years before her!

  3. YUM!!!! I must make this immediately! xo

  4. Amen on the busy summer with blogging taking a back seat. At least you are making your posts count. This recipe looks absolutely delicious! I love fresh berries.

  5. Love that this dish is healthy and delicious! Happy happy.

  6. It looks yummy. Will definately give it a go!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Katie! Yes, you can use any kind of milk you like. The nutrition stats will change, though.


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