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Monday, March 3, 2014

Creole Green Beans

Renee's Kitchen Adventures: Creole Green Beans. Easy way to spice up ordinary green beans.

If you are on the lookout for a side dish with pizzazz, look no further because these Creole Green Beans are anything but ordinary.

I found the recipe on Flavor Mosaic and instantly knew I wanted to make it.  A little spicy and a whole lot of flavor this bean dish makes wonderful side dish for just about anything. They are a yummy combo of green beans, garlic, bacon, onions, canned tomatoes with green chilies and seasoning. They are also very easy to make.  I served mine with fried chicken and roasted red potatoes for a delicious dinner.

With Mardi Gras tomorrow, this bean recipe is a great way to put a little taste of New Orleans on your table with very little fuss!

I micro-steamed some fresh green beans when I made these, but Michele used cooked frozen green beans. You could also used canned beans, if you so desired.  I also reduced the amount of bacon in the recipe to 3 slices, instead of 5.  (*The nutritional information below is calculated from my changes mentioned above to the original recipe.)

Pop over to Michele's blog, Flavor Mosaic, for the recipe.  If you are interested in the nutritional stats, they are as follows:

Servings - 6   Serving Size - 1/6th of recipe (about a cup)   PP per Serving - 2P+
  *Calories - 63.9,   Total Fat - 1.7g,   Carb - 9.8g,   Protein - 3.8g,   Fiber - 3.8g

My family really loved this recipe.  It will be joining the recipes on regular rotation at my house!!


  1. yumyumyum!!! Green beans are underrated! So much you can do with them. Love the kick of spice with these- YUM!

    1. These are so delicious. I tend to make plain old veggies every night, so this was a nice change.

  2. Um, I see onions! Other than that, it looks delicious. Happy Monday Renee!

  3. Cajun food is probably the food I make least of, but I don't know why b/c I love it. Veggies can get so boring (esp if you're lazy and just eat them plain too often) and this sounds like such a great way to fun them up!


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