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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

8 Terrific Ways to Spice Up Everyday Foods with Hot Sauce

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It's no secret, I try to eat healthy and low calorie, but sometimes my healthy choices lack flavor. What's a girl to do?  One calorie free way I like to enhance the flavor of my healthy choices is with hot sauce.  It is a great addition to so many foods.  Sometimes I add a little, other times I add more. It all depends on my mood and the food.

El Yucateco at Walmart #SauceOn #shop #cbias

I am always really impressed with the hot sauce choices at Walmart.  This week, I picked up a "new to me" brand of hot sauce...El Yucateco.  Well, not entirely new to me, as my favorite Mexican restaurant offers a few varieties of this hot sauce table side, but I have never purchased it to use at home before.  I was surprised to see the Black Label Reserve hot sauce flavor.  This flavor is new to the El Yucateco line up and is exclusive to Walmart.  I decided to pick up all four varieties.  As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough hot sauce in the house!  lol

What did I do with all that hot sauce?  Well, follow along and read about 8 terrific ways to spice up your healthy everyday foods with hot sauce.

1.  Sandwich Spread
Kicked Up Sandwich Spread:  #SauceOn #shop
Add a little Habanero Hot sauce to your lowfat mayonnaise for a flavor sensation to any deli sandwich.  Yum! 

2.  Low Fat, Low Sodium Canned Soups
Add life to canned soup! #SauceOn #shop
Yeah, these soups are so figure friendly but can be so bland.  The Black Label El Yucateco Habanero hot sauce can add some punch without adding much additional sodium or any calories.  

3.  Low Fat Dips 
Pimp up your dips with hot sauce!  #SauceOn #shop
Whether you buy them pre-made or make them yourself, a sure way to kick up the flavor of ranch dips or spinach dips is with a few dashes of hot sauce!  Your veggies will thank you! 

4. Popcorn 
Sweet Spicy Popcorn #SauceOn #shop
It's no secret that popcorn can be a healthy snack.  But what happens to the flavor when you take away all that butter and salt?  Bland!  Hot sauce to the rescue!  A little goes a long way!  Into the sweet heat thing?  Try hot sauce on kettle corn!  Yum! 

5.  Pre-packed Frozen Meals
Frozen Meals can be exciting!  #SauceOn #shop
Let's face it.  You want to eat healthy and keep the calories in check, but sometimes time is short.  We all have those times when we turn to frozen meals.  Once again, if you choose a frozen meal that fits into your diet plan, chances are it's short on flavor.  Hot sauce can remedy this problem!  (PS, it's a delicious addition to pasta meals!) 

6.  Hummus
Hummus with a kick! #SauceOn #shop
Hummus has a lot of flavor on it's own, but have you ever added hot sauce to hummus?  Oh my goodness.  YUM!  Give it a try sometime! 

7.  Veggies
Extraordinary Veggies! #SauceOn #shop
Whether frozen, canned or fresh, a little hot sauce will add a little kick to any veggie! 

8.  Eggs
Baked Eggs in Spicy Habanero Sauce #SauceOn #shop
This baked egg recipe...Baked Eggs in Spicy Habanero Sauce (click photo for recipe) is amazing!  It would not be amazing without the help of hot sauce! 

Do you use hot sauce to enhance your healthy choices?  If so, what is your favorite way to use it?  If not, which one of these ideas above would you be willing to give a try?  

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  1. #1, absolutely! My favorite sandwich/wrap spread of all time is a little mayo, mustard, and sriracha mixed together. Mmmmmm....I know what I'm having for lunch now :-)

    1. That sounds so good Nora!! I'll have to add some mustard too! :)

  2. Such terrific ideas! I love a little spice boost, so I need to start getting out my hot sauce more often (especially in my hummus, mayo and popcorn!

    1. thanks Liz! yes, it can be used in so many ways!

  3. I love all of these ideas! I usually only put hot sauce on my fried chicken and mac and cheese, but will have to try some of these!

    1. When I started to think of all the ways hot sauce could be used to enhance foods, I was surprised at the length of the list!

  4. Super ideas! Adding a little spicy flavor to popcorn sounds like a perfect snack for movie night!

    1. It really spices things up! If you like butter, you can add it right into the melted butter.

  5. G'day! What great ideas and thanks for sharing!
    Sharing the love for you today!
    Cheers! Joanne

  6. Adding a little heat to recipes does do so much to pump them up without adding anything bad. These are some great ideas, Renee. Love the idea of adding a little hot sauce to hummus for a quick, no-guilt snack.

  7. Great ideas Renee! I need to check out this sauce. I love using different sauces and spices in my recipes.

  8. I love all your ideas. This hot sauce tastes wonderful but it is HOT!

  9. Great ideas! Love how hot sauce can kick things up a lot.

  10. Love all you ideas. Thanks! #Client

  11. Love all you ideas. Thanks! #Client


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