Renee's Kitchen Adventures: About Me

About Me

Hi there!  I'm Renee and I'm delighted you decided to stop by!

A little insight into my kitchen and my life. 

I'm happily married to a wonderful guy and am a mom to 3 grown children (although when I started this blog, they were not grown up yet!) a cat, a dog, a turtle and a chinchilla.  I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I've been a work from home mom for many years but before that, I studied nursing and then worked in a local hospital as an RN in the Labor and Delivery Unit.

I've always loved to cook and bake and just "create" in the kitchen. I'm not formally trained and I've learned everything I know from 30+ years of trial and error, Betty Crocker, and Food Network. Food has always been a creative outlet for me. But I also believe food can bring everyone together. I believe that the family dinner table is an essential part of raising a family. So putting a delicious, nutritious meal on the table is my way of saying how much I love you.

I believe that cooking and baking for you and your family shouldn't be a huge production or something to be intimidated by. Something you make to eat will almost always be better for you than a processed meal or food and it will most likely taste a lot better too! I like to share quick and easy recipes the most, because I know how busy life gets!

I've always been interested in healthy, yet delicious recipes to serve my family, and started adding food photos and recipes to my other blog (personal)...when it occurred to me that I might have some real fun posting recipes and pictures on a blog devoted solely to food. And so, Renee's Kitchen Adventures was born. Renee's Kitchen Adventures is a work in progress...constantly evolving and adapting.

Sure, I'll toot my own horn a little! 

Here's the part where I brag a little. What started out as a hobby, a way to express myself creatively to the world, has become a full time job. I've had the pleasure to partner with many brands over the years and have ongoing ambassador partnerships with great brands like Certified Angus Beef ® brand, Tyson Foods and food councils like the Ohio Pork Council. I've worked with big brands like Quaker Oats and Kraft, but I also love to work with the smaller guys too!  I've had my photography and recipe development work printed in several publications over the years as well. I'm currently working in social media management in conjunction with my own blogging.

Keeping it real!

Every recipe that I post I have my real life, not very big or fancy, kitchen and tested on my real life family.  If I try a recipe, with the hopes of posting it, and get a thumbs won't make it to publishing.  I try to be as accurate as possible with the nutrition information I provide on the recipes it's available for. The information is NOT, however, calculated using scientific methods and I am not a Dietitian..  I only provide them as a tool.  Please keep this in mind when using the information for yourself.  If you happen to see an error, please contact me at the email provided under the "contact me" tab above.

I probably get way more excited over food than I should (you'll see me use exclamation points waaaayyyy to much!) and you might find some grammar errors (although I do try hard to not slaughter the English language) but I'm passionate about this blog and everything I put in it!

I believe food that is good for you, should also taste should stimulate your senses, and leave you feeling satisfied;  not only in your body, but also in your soul.

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