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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fresh Veggie Wrap (4 Points Plus)

When I first started WW, one of my favorite lunches was a Fresh Veggie Wrap.  Incredibly simple...but oh so good.  It's chevre, spinach, carrots and roasted red peppers, finished with a splash of light balsamic vinegar.  I haven't eat this wrap in a long time.  I don't know why...but when I spotted my favorite spreadable goat cheese at the store, I was quickly reminded of this incredible wrap and decided to bring it back into my life. 

This spreadable goat cheese is outstanding.  It is creamy and mild and spreads wonderfully right from the fridge.  It's local to me and I am "lucky" to be able to enjoy it!  :)  It calculates to 2 points+ per 1 oz.  If you aren't a fan of goat cheese you could  substitute hummus, it works equally as well as a base for this wrap.   This is another recipe where I am not going to furnish nutrition information, but rather count up the points manually.  It has so few ingredients, most of which are zero point foods, that this seems like the best way to calculate points for this item. 

Fresh Veggie Wrap 
4 Points Plus

2 point+ tortilla wrap of your choice
1 oz. Chevre ( spreadable goat cheese - 2 point+)
handful of fresh, organic baby spinach
1 carrot, grated
2 - 3 roasted red pepper strips ( freshly made or from jar )
splash of balsamic vinegar or a light balsamic vinaigrette

1.  Spread the tortilla with the chevre.  Place the spinach, carrot, roasted red peppers on top.  Splash with balsamic vinegar.  Wrap up and enjoy! 

It's so good to rediscover old favorites like this one.  And for 4 points plus, it makes a great meatless wrap for very few points!  I think I will be enjoying this one quite a bit this spring!  Do you have any "go to" recipes that you used to make all the time, but then for some reason just stopped making them?

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  1. Ok- I am TOTALLY looking for this goat cheese. I've never had spreadable goat cheese and this says pasteurized....I'm going to have to ask my Doctor if I can have it!! Yum yum- the wrap looks great

  2. Wraps are one of my favorite lunches, too!

  3. I love wraps. I think I need to start making more. I had a portbello mushroom wrap with balsamic vinaigrette in a restaurant and I loved it!

    Thanks for the inspiration! It's just me and my boyfriend so I did have leftovers :)

  4. I love goat cheese! I've never seen it spreadable like that, though. I'm going to have to start looking more seriously in my dairy aisle. I love the red peppers in this recipe, too. Yum.

  5. I heart goat cheese! And a spreadable one?? I need to find that asap - your wrap looks so fresh - and I love the idea of a splash of balsamic :D

  6. Ooh, that looks good. Not a huge fan of goat cheese but I bet a wedge of Laughing Cow would work. Yum!

  7. I absolutely love veggie wraps. I made one for lunch today and used laughing cow. I have never had goat cheese before. Just might have to give it a try.


  8. That looks really good and the hummus idea is the one I used to eat a lot of. Simple food with good flavor.

  9. I'd like to place my order: One veggie wrap, with tea! I like this restaurant!!! :) Have a great day Renee!

  10. I love everything in there! I'm not a huge wrap fan (I know, I know...I'm like the only person who feels that way), but I would just take all the goodies and put it between 2 slices of yummy bread :)

  11. My apologies for being late. I thought I had already responded to your post. My bad! I love wraps and yours look especially fine. I even like goat cheese :-). Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. I so need to try this with hummus! I really want to give goat cheese another try but haven't had the courage since the first time nearly killed me. OK, maybe I wasn't about to die but my mouth felt like it--lol! I think I bought a cheap brand and it was so strong I couldn't take it. But your wrap idea is so yummy!

  13. I wanted to let you know that this recipe inspired another wrap I served us for lunch over the weekend. I used homemade muhammara dip (it's a Middle Eastern spicy pepper dip) and then added the same veggies, except red pepper since that is in the dip, and some black beans for protein. It was completely vegan and my husband LOVED it. Score! Then I made a hummus wrap for my lunch yesterday like you suggested but I didn't put on the red pepper again b/c I didn't have it and I didn't use the balsamic. I plan to try this version soon though!

  14. OK! I just made another one! It's still not your original recipe but very close. I used hummus this time and sprinkled some raisins on with everything else (I did do the peppers and vinegar this time). I don't know why in the world I had the impulse to do so, but I loved the sweetness along with the garlicky hummus and vinegar and wish I'd added even more raisins! Thanks for sharing this--it's my new favorite lunch. :)


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