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Monday, July 25, 2011

Frozen Melon-Lime-Basil Pops

Frozen Melon-Lime -Basil Pops:  A refreshing combination for summer!

Last week, my son got a Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  Introduced in 2009 by it's developers Jackie Zorovich and Kristina Sacci, it makes frozen pops on your counter top in 7 - 9 minutes!  The possibilities for flavor combs are endless and what a wonderful, healthy way to end your dinner on a warm ( or hot!) summer evening!  We have been having so much fun with it!

Of all the flavor combos we have tried so far, this one is my favorite by far!  It is so tangy and refreshing...and 1p+ a pop?  Wow.  I even enjoyed this fruit/basil combo better than the Strawberry Basil Sorbet I made a few weeks ago.  And the honeydew combined with the lime?....incredible. 

If you don't have a quick pop maker, there is no reason you can't make these the old fashioned way...with paper cups, wooden sticks, some foil and time.  I also believe, this would be wonderful made into a sorbet in an ice cream maker, following manufacturer's directions.  I haven't done it yet if you do...let me know how it works out.  I think I would double the base recipe if I were going to make a sorbet. ( Pictured below is about half of what the recipe makes)

Frozen Melon-Lime-Basil Pops
from "Quick Pops" by Jackie Zorovich & Kristina Sacci

Servings - 6 pops   Serving Size - 1 pop   Points Plus per Serving - 1 point+
Calories - 49.7,   Total fat - 0.1g,   Carb. - 13g,   Protein - 0.3g,   Fiber - 0.4g

9 oz. honeydew melon, cut into about 1" cubes ( approx. 18 cubes)
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
4 large fresh basil leaves
3 TBS. water
1/4 cup granulated sugar  ( you might have to adjust according to the sweetness of your melon, adjustments my affect point+ values) 


  1. In blender or food processor, puree all ingredients until basil is broken down.  
  2. Freeze according to manufacturer's directions for quick pops or divide mixture evenly between 6 - 5oz. paper cups placed close together on tray.  Cover all cups with a sheet of foil and insert wooden sticks into each cup, about halfway down into liquid.  Freeze until completely frozen. 

Yup, I need to get to the store to get more honeydew, because I am craving these right now as I type.  So healthy!   And with as HOT as many of us have been this past week....These are the perfect, refreshing way to cool off!

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  1. Check this out for some fun recipes!

  2. Glad the pedometer is working out for you! Rock it :) The pops look so yummy. Melon=amazing! I totally am going to make making pops for me and the peanut (when she finally arrives ;))

  3. What an interesting combination! Love it - not sure I could convince my husband of that pop maker - we have an ice cream maker and I actually made strawberry ice cream with skim milk - it turned out really good!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Yummy! I need to get some molds so I can make those. I use to have the Tupperware ones but I think I gave those away some years ago. Bummer. Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea for a low point treat.

    I use to have a pedometer years ago but I dropped it once and it never worked after that!It was fun to where it and see how many steps I could take in a day!

  5. I really need to suck it up and just spend the money on those popsicle makers! They look like so much fun!!


  6. Hi Renee, ooooh these look fantastic. I MUST pull out my pop moulds and make some. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  7. That sound so unique and refreshing!

  8. I saw one of those pop makers when I was out with my husband the other day and pointed it out to him. I told him how fast it froze popsicles and he said, "How does it do that?" I told him I had no idea. It was just magic. :) I will have to try these melon-lime-basil pops. They sound amazing!

  9. YUMMMMMMMMMM! These look amazing, Renee! Should I make these or the basil/strawberry sorbet first?!

  10. I am going out tonight to look for the quick pop maker...and I am going to stop and pick up the melon and limes! I have the basil...I am really into frozen pops this year. Thanks so much for all of your good recipes!!

    Pam C.


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