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Friday, December 28, 2012

Ten Most Popular Posts of 2012

Well...another year is about to bite the dust.  Thank you to all the loyal readers and welcome to all of the new ones. I hope that you are enjoying the recipes I post.  2012 was a busy one for me...and I, again, apologize for lags in new posts throughout the year. I still have lots of goodies to share in the upcoming year, so I hope you all stick around to see what's in store!

As tradition has it, it's time to share the year in review.  I have compiled a list of 10 of the most popular posts of 2012, as determined by page view. Enjoy!

This is the number one most popular post of 2012.  There's a good reason why.  It's so easy and so darn delicious! Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!
Don't forget the Easy White Chocolate Berry Dessert variation too! 

Inspired by the Panara version, this soup is outstanding.  Just right for a cold day! If you haven't made this easy soup, give it a try..I'd be surprised if it doesn't become one of your favorites too!

Super simple stovetop mac&cheese recipe made with Light Laughing Cow Cheese.  Creamy, cheesy, delicious, yet so diet friendly!  

Great warm appetizer.  Stuffed with gooey melty low fat cheese and turkey pepperoni.  

These super moist muffins are bursting with refreshing lemon flavor because they use the entire lemon.  Can you ever have enough lemon flavor in anything? 

These cute little gems are so low in fat and calories, you could have several and still not be cheating. Filled with yummy things like bacon and spinach...how could they be wrong?

With the help of bottled sauce and a pork tenderloin, this stir fry is simply delicious. 

Yes, this really is the best.  Thanks to coconut oil, they are just the right texture and flavor. 

It's true.  They really are thanks to a special step in preparation.  Try it..I know you'll agree.

A lightened up version of a classic that tastes as good as the original

So there you have it!  A list of YOUR favorites of 2012!  I'll admit, many of them are my favorites as well.  I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year and hope the new year brings many blessings to all!  Mine is going to start off very busy, but I am hoping it will be a wonderful journey!

If you are looking for a diet friendly appetizer to help ring in the new year, visit my "For Starters" page on pinterest or check out the appetizer list on my Recipe Index

Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!!!


  1. I am glad that Nicole posted your recipe for the lemon orzo soup because I missed it - it's so good!

    I like your countdown - I might steal it! :D

    Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

  2. Fabulous countdown Renee. What a year filled with delicious eats. Its always fun to go back and look at all the recipes and see how many new things we have tried.

    Wishing you a blessed New Year filled with more good eats, good health and fun times.

    Enjoy the time spent with your children!

  3. I pinned several of these! Will you post another one with your favorites too?

    1. Sorry, I don't think so. In the midst of moving my daughter this week, so I'll be lucky if I get anything published! :) Happy New Year V!

  4. Belated Merry Christmas Renee. And all the best to you and your family for 2013. I'm looking forward to your recipes and posts all through the new year! Hugs.

  5. I love the idea of the top ten. They all sound great and I can see why they got so many views. That last photo with the dip, I use those pretzel crackers too. I love them! Happy New Year Renee!! I hope 2013 is great!!


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